Home security systems have come a long way, and the technology continues to evolve. What used to be a simple system to audibly warn a homeowner of a possible break in has now turned into a high tech business? People are able to manage just about every system in their home from a mobile app on their smart phone or tablet. Central monitoring services watch over protected homes 24/7 and alert homeowners to any potential problems in real time. But to what expense should a homeowner go to have a system installed and monitored? That answer is unique to everyone.

Are Home Security Systems Too Expensive?

Burglary Detection

Detecting break-ins is the foremost job of home security systems. Homeowners want to secure their belongings and safeguard their families. These systems will help do just that. Whether it’s a self-installed system with an alert just at the house, or a managed system that monitored by the security company, keeping a family safe is the ultimate goal. Many understand that their belongings are replaceable, and they can put a fixed cost on that. But there is no price that can be attributed to a human life, or to the peace of mind a system like this can bring. This is the main reason many homeowners opt to pay for a security system.

Health and Safety

These systems also monitor the home for smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. Many also detect natural gas leaks. A system such as this will alert the security company of an unsafe condition. The security company can then attempt to contact the homeowner or alert the proper authorities. This is a benefit over and above keeping criminals out. Keeping a family healthy and safe in this way is another benefit that should be weighed against the cost of the system.

Home Automation

Other homeowners want to combine the systems in their home for convenience, safety, and cost savings. An automated system that integrates a heating and cooling system with the security features allows the home owner to adjust the temperature when no one is home for an extended time. The ability to lock locks, or turn lights on and off remotely give the appearance that the home is occupied. Home automation services are the most expensive services to add, but many see the benefits. Most come with a remote “panic” button that will set off the alarm should a person feel threatened outside of their home. Systems can even be built with medical alert pendants for those with health problems.

Are Home Security Systems Too Expensive?


Each homeowner must decide for himself how much is “too much” to spend on home security systems. Each person should take into account the neighborhood, surroundings and any perceived threats. There are many levels of protection available from all of the major companies such as ADT, Honeywell, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Link Interactive. Each company has several systems. This allows the homeowner to make the decision regarding which features he needs to protect his family. Not every home will need every feature. Selecting the proper features for the needs of the home will ensure value to every homeowner.

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