With more crimes being reported and more home invasions in many areas, more security alarm companies are cropping up all the time. It can be hard for home owner to know who to trust. There are many different services available. The price range of services I as great as the number of providers. Reporting agencies such as Consumer Advocate, Consumer Reports, and A Secure Life have listed some of the top security companies and the features they provide. While features are important, the ratings are also dependent on customer service and the ease with which homeowners can deal with the companies.

5 Security Alarm Companies that Can Protect Your Family and Valuables


Frontpoint Security Systems are generally ranked in first place as the best security systems available. Frontpoint offers 24/7 cellular monitoring. This type of monitoring is virtually tamper-free and will allow the system to continue to operate even during a power outage or when the landline phone lines are down.

The company offers protection against break-ins with their central monitoring system. They also offer free fire, smoke, flood, and medical monitoring. A family may even include home automation in these systems. This allows remote control of lights, door locks, and temperature within the home.

5 Security Alarm Companies that Can Protect Your Family and Valuables

Frontpoint security systems also include a patented protection called Crash and Smash. Should an intruder break into a home and attempt to destroy or dismantle the controls, the central monitoring system will immediately notify authorities.

Customer service at Frontpoint is known as some of the best in the industry. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 30-year warranty also. With plans ranging from $34.99 to $49.99, this provider can be seen as a very solid choice to secure a home and family.

Protect America

Protect America ranks #2 among security companies. Their systems include no upfront costs and basic monthly monitoring starts at $19.99. A great feature of the Protect America systems is the home owners’ ability to customize the number and types of sensors they receive in any package. The system should fit the needs of the home and family, with the proper number of window, door, and garage door sensors. Protect America systems allow for that.

This company has among the fastest response times in the industry at 20 seconds on average. The system is based on broadband, cellular signal, and landline phone lines. This triple protection ensures that alerts are received regardless of conditions or a failure in more than one communication line.

Protect America offers carbon monoxide, fire/smoke, flood, home systems disaster, and medical alerts. The company does not have a natural gas alert at this time. Protect America offers a wide variety of services without any hidden costs to the home owner. It is a very good mix of quality and value.


ADT is one of the oldest and most recognized security companies in the industry. Many reporting agencies have a hard time ranking with company in customer service. Customer service varies widely from one area of the country to another. Homeowners would do well do get references from others in their area regarding their customer service experiences.

ADT provides wireless home security options with reliable 24/7 monitoring. Their plans range from simple burglary protection to complete home automation systems. The homeowner may even choose video surveillance with the ability to go back and view 30-days of DVR video.

5 Security Alarm Companies that Can Protect Your Family and Valuables

Prices for ADT services range from $36.99 per month for their basic essentials plan to $49.99 for Pulse Protection. They have a wide range of services to choose from. This gives the homeowner complete control over the services they need and how much money they will spend.

Homeowners can stay connected via mobile. With any ADT system, a mobile app allows the homeowner to control the features of the system, including any of the home automation features. This can help say money and give the illusion that the family is in the home, an extra measure of security.


Vivint is rated near the middle of the top companies by most reviewers. The company offers up to $1,500 in free equipment to new customer. This brings the financial barriers down for those with budget concerns.

The company offers a wide range of services. Homeowners can secure their home via mobile, from anywhere, using their services and mobile app. They have a variety of sensors and detectors to ensure security of all areas of the home. A great added feature for new customers is the addition of a door camera. Motion sensors will tell the homeowner who is coming and going at all times.


Non-emergency alerts can be customized by the homeowner. Vivint provides the highest quality home automation features available. There is no entry-level pricing, which is often considered one of the only drawbacks of a Vivint system. This is a high quality system that is great for most home owners where it is available. A solid choice.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive has more than 60 years’ experience in the industry, making it a solid choice for most homeowners. The company boasts the ability to save customers up to 20% off of their homeowner’s insurance, thereby offsetting the costs associated with the system.

These systems start at $29.99. The $29.99 system is called the Protection and Interactive Plan. This low price includes many home automation features such as temperature, light and locks controls. Up to 10 sensors are included in this package, giving the homeowner flexibility and protection at a good price.

Link Interactive system includes not only a mobile app for control from anywhere, but also email and text alerts to keep the homeowner informed of any alerts or issue while away from the home. Carbon monoxide, fire, smoke, and extreme temperature monitoring are standard features. This is a great system for the homeowner looking for complete protection at an affordable price.


There are many security alarm companies that can provide the services and customer support needed for the average home and family. Highlighted here are just a few of the biggest and best rated. When searching for a security company, it is best for a homeowner to check with several people who already use a certain service. The homeowner insurance provider is also a good resource in choosing a company. Insurance professionals deal with security companies on a regular basis and may have the most recent information on customer service and performance of the available companies. Ratings of nationwide security companies may vary from region to region. A small amount of research can help a homeowner make an informed decision and find the perfect company.

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