There are many reasons to install a security system in a home. There are many different companies selling many different systems. All of these systems, though, offer a few basic things: Security, safety, and peace of mind. Here are some great reasons to install a home security system:

Secure Your Home from Intruders

Even the most basic systems will provide the homeowner with an audible alert when a window or door is opened or broken. Sensors will detect a break-in and alert the family, who may be sleeping or in another part of the home. This alert gives the homeowner time to call authorities and get the family out. The system may also be connected to the security company’s central monitoring system. It will give an audible alert as well as alerting the security company of a possible break-in. The security company can then call the authorities.

5 Reasons Your Family Needs a Home Security System

Keep Your Family Safe

Systems that include 24/7 monitoring often also include fire, smoke, and carbon dioxide monitoring. These services are often free of charge or bundled with the monitoring service. Most companies’ monitoring systems will work with existing fire and smoke detectors already in the home. When an alert is received, the company will immediately attempt to contact the homeowner and also contact the proper authorities.

Carbon monoxide and natural gas alerts are features that can be added to most systems as well. Both of these things may go undetected, especially if the family is sleeping, but the security system will detect these events and immediately alert the security company. The company will then call the homeowner and even send help if there is no answer to that call.

View Your Home from Anywhere

It’s never easy to leave small children in the care of another. But with a home security system, you can monitor your kids with the babysitter from anywhere you might be. No matter how long you need to be away from home, you can always check in on the little ones and make sure the babysitter is following the rules you laid down.

You can also see when older kids get home from school. Watch them come inside and lock the door behind them. You can rest assured that your family is safe, and even check in on them in real time while you are away. You will know that your kids are home safe and sound, and that they’ve locked out any potential threats until you get home.

These services can also be used to monitor elderly loved ones living in the home. Being a caregiver can be difficult. A surveillance camera facing exterior door can ensure an elderly loved one does not wander off alone.

5 Reasons Your Family Needs a Home Security System

Leverage Home Automation Services

Home automation services associated with a home security system can involve several things. The temperature in the home can be controlled remotely, thus saving money on heating and cooling costs when the family will be away. Locks can be locked remotely. Lights can be turned on and off, or automatic drapes pulled, giving the appearance that the home is occupied.

Lower Insurance Costs

Homeowner’s insurance is based on many factors. Having a home system installed in a home can be a factor in reducing the rate of that insurance. With 24/7 monitoring for fire, smoke, break-ins and other potential hazards, these costs can be reduced. The insurance company will know that steps have been taken to mitigate these risks, and will offer sometimes deep discounts to homeowners for having these services.


The safety and security of people and belongings is the number one reason homeowners look to home security systems for protection. There are other services included as well, to monitor any number of things from temperature to dangerous conditions in the home. Homeowners who install professionally monitored systems find the safety and security bring a peace of mind and comfort to their families.

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